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Current Areas of Study

Muscle stem cell regulation:

Myogenesis is a highly regulated process during which muscle stem cells are activated to proliferate and eventually exit cell cycle to self-renew or to differentiate and fuse into new myofibers. Our lab uses different technologies (e.g., single cell transcriptomics, live imaging, hi-resolution microscopy) to study the intrinsic (signaling pathways) and extrinsic mechanisms (extracellular matrix and cellular interactions) controlling muscle stem cell fate decision.

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Skeletal muscle function is affected by various genetic (e.g., Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Myotonic Dystrophy type 1) or acquired myopathies (e.g., preterm birth, aging). Our lab uses different disease modelling approaches (e.g., 3D modelling, iPSC-derived myogenic cells) and preclinical animal models to investigates how these pathologies affect muscle stem cell function and contribute to disease progression.

Muscle stem cell myopathies

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Therapeutic approaches

Our lab explores novel cellular, genetic, or pharmacological approaches for the treatment of muscular diseases. We aim to rescue the function of defective muscle stem cells to improve muscle function and mitigate disease progression.

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